About me


My name is Roquelle Holiday Beck, and my passion is blending art and design effectively together.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, went to high school in a small town of Missouri, and currently located in sunny San Diego. I have a strong obsession with lifting weights, being a boss at life, and I have a love/hate relationship with running. I have two pretty awesome dogs, I’m a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, I drive a funny yellow Vespa, and my indulgences include rolled tacos and gourmet donuts.


As far as my work goes, I specialize in color-heavy & type-driven designs with the mission of making the web more beautiful.


Now that you know a little bit about me, call me Rocky!



Focusing on mobile-first, progressive enhancement hand crafted, semantic HTML and neat CSS. No lipstick jobs here, I build a strong foundation first then work my way up.

Adobe Creative Suite

Rock star with the Adobe CC, Photoshop being my strongest out of the creative trio, with InDesign and Illustrator coming in close behind. I love manipulating images in Photoshop, discovering new techniques in Illustrator and building print jobs in Indesign.


This exciting platform gives me goosebumps with its power, and I am obsessed with learning and pushing its CMS to the limits.

Eye for Detail

What happens when an artist is OCD? Compulsive, but quick design perfection. Organized with an arsenal of resources, I put together beautiful work in jiffy

Down Time

Active AF

Excuse my french, but I do love working out. As a proud recovering fat kid, I find it neccesary to balance my work with an active lifestyle including CrossFit, triathlon training, and yoga for good measure.

Outdoors Inclined

Being in San Diego affords me the opportunity to take nature in year round, my time spent outside of the gym is in the sun, taking advantage of beach season in the summer on paddleboards and open-water swimming, and in the winter climbing various mountains before breakfast.

At-home Chef

The real reason I work out, to eat and drink my way into pure joy! I love finding new craft brews around town to pair with dinner, and follow a paleo lifestyle most of the time, endulging in a sweet treat from Nomad Donuts when I've earned it.



AUG 2015

Associates of Applied Sciene in Digital Photography - San Diego Art Institute

Rounding out my skill set, using a DSLR and learning advanced lighting techniques to include studio and product photography.

MARCH 2015

Bachelors of Science in Media Arts - Advanced Web Design - Platt College San Diego

Continued practice of semantic HTML & CSS, Javascript, UI/UX design, responsive and mobile-first as well as CMS and Wordpress.

AUG 2014

Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design - Platt College San Diego

Getting knee deep in the foundations of design, mastering the Adobe Creative Suite in relation to both print and web. Began practicing the foundations of web coding, learning basic HTML & CSS.



Marketing Unicorn

Entangled Media

Working mainly with the Marketing team, I play the role of unicorn-juggling graphic design for ads and social media posts, handling in-app notifications through Leanplum, styling and deploying emails through Sendwithus, and custom-built their website with the design team.


Brand Ambassador & Digital Media Manager

KMF CrossFit

Bringing their site into a new age, I converted their static HTML site to Wordpress, creating their branding identity as well as managing their social media profiles. Additional duties including photographing workouts and their athletes, and designing merchandise to be screen printed and embroidered.

JULY 2015 - JULY 2014

Graphic Design Assistant

Platt College San Diego

Working hand in hand with the Education Board of Platt College, I wear multiple hats: graphic designer, event coordinator, project management and crafter. Work includes large print projects such as the annual published MUSE and event posters and invitations, as well as web projects.

JULY 2014 - JULY 2012

Bartender/Lead Waitress

IB Forum, Imperial Beach, CA

Main role as a bartender and waitress, dealing daily with customer care, money management and upselling, bringing in top sales. Additional duties include lead trainer, helping mentor new waitresses on their first days in the restaurant.

JULY 2012 - MAY 2009

Avionics Technician - MH60R Helicopter

US Navy

Learning troubleshooting techniques on complicated avionics equipment, I spent my naval career working on MH60R helicopters. I proudly served in two commands, HSM-41 and HSM-75 where I rose to the ranks of shift leader with a team of junior sailors under me. Duties included mentoring juniors, delegating tasks, and keeping shifts on target with completed work assignments.

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