KMF CrossFit

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KMF CrossFit is a CrossFit gym based out of Lemon Grove, CA and was in need of a facelift with their online presence, having almost no branding or consistent social media identity.

The first major phase of this project was building them a completely new WordPress site using a template and customizing it, having before a static HTML site with no database or record of their WOD’s. On every page now a user has access to the daily WOD, their address and phone number, with access to a working contact form, all previously missing. Coach profiles, a flexible class schedule, and pricing were all added.

The next phase was creating their two logos-a long banner-style one for their site and many of their shirts, and then a badge-style logo used on their social media and on the back of shirts, as well as stickers and hats.

All photos are taken by me, I am learning and exploring sports photography every day. These photos are used on their site as well as daily social media posts, improving their SEO and their membership has seen a 35% boost since the new website launched.

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