Best of SDCBE

best of SDCBE
  1. by Alesmith

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    John J.

    Rich deep golden color with fantastic clarity. A quarter inch thick white head rests on top with a bit of Brussels lacing. Fantastic aroma of coriander, pears, pale malt, and Belgian Strong Ale yeast greets my nose. The mouth is moderately carbonated and fairly dry. I get pale malt and Belgian Strong Ale yeast on the front of the palate and then an appropriate burst of coriander in the follow

  2. by Modern Times

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    Ray R.

    Poured from a can into a standard pint glass. Two finger tan head with many large bubbles forms atop an extremely dark brown beer. Head is less attractive than it could be due to wildly varying bubble size. No lace or clinging to note and head dies fairly quickly. Aromas of dark roasted grain and coffee. Flavor favors coffee over traditional beer, though there are the standard stout

  3. by Amplified

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    Mary M.

    Superbly drinkable, this beer is under-played. Positioned as a standard light beer substitute, its low ABV and incredible flavor and finish make it a superior choice to a macro brew any day of the week. This would make a fantastic everyday beer.

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